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Why buy a Volkswagen Approved Tire? In a word, value. Though other products may appear similar, only recommended Volkswagen tires are guaranteed to have the technology and features designed for your specific Volkswagen vehicle. Each recommended tire meets or exceeds Volkswagen's uncompromising standards across four performance indicators: driving dynamics, safety, comfort and economy. When it comes to tires, there are several options, but only Volkswagen recommended tires will offer you the driving experience you've come accustom to. 

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Don Jacobs Volkswagen on Tire Safety

It's probably easiest to purchase the factory original tires for your vehicle, as they were carefully selected by Volkswagen for performance, handling, and safety. If you are one of those people who hates having to buy new tires, though, you may want to upgrade. Another reason to upgrade would be if you regularly drive in extreme weather or for longer periods of time, as that can heat up your tires considerably. Choosing the highest traction ratings can also provide peace of mind that your tires will stop quickly even on the wet Lexington area roads. The good news is that by regularly rotating your tires and keeping your tire pressure at the recommended levels, you can help to maintain their quality and extend tread life. If you've had your vehicle for a while, and/or are purchasing high-quality tires, you may also want to get an alignment. This will aid in keeping you and your loved ones safer! If the tires are expensive, it can even maximize the value you receive, ultimately saving you money.