Genuine Volkswagen Brakes


Everyday use will corrode our brakes. When a vehicle brakes, the brake pads are pressed against the spinning brake disc. During this process the brakes pads and brake discs are worn down. If the brake pads are completely worn down metal rubs against metal. The heat build-up increases, producing deep scars and cracks on the brake disc, which will reduce your braking performance immediately. So it's crucial that you have them regularly checked.

Brake pads:

Along with brake discs, are among the most highly stressed automotive parts. In fact, during full braking at speed, the brake pads are applied against the brake discs with up to 1000 kg (2200 lbs.) of force. If either of these components is worn out, it should be replaced immediately - and needless to say, with new Volkswagen Genuine Parts®.


The wear of your brakes depends a lot on your own driving style. If you're not in hazard situations, avoid constant and aggressive braking.

What we do:

We lift your car, remove the wheels, do a visual check for wear and also measure the brake pad wear level. If necessary the brake pads or the brake discs and pads will be replaced after consultation with you.

Genuine Volkswagen Brakes

After all, you can count on Volkswagen Genuine brake pads to ensure the optimum functional performance of your braking system:

  • Specially designed to match the vehicle's weight, top speed and type of engine
  • Improved braking performance, shorter braking distances
  • Highly durable, unbreakable brake discs
  • Uniform braking performance
  • Quiet and smooth operation (no juddering or squeaking)

Insist on Volkswagen Genuine Brakes.

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