Air Conditioning Service

What all drivers should know:

A car's air-conditioning system needs to be serviced at regular intervals to ensure that is works properly and achieves the desired effect. Our experts will examine the operating controls, inspect all system components including the compressor, cooler, and condenser and measure the outlet air temperature. We recommend you to have your air-conditioning system checked during every inspection, especially before the summer heat begins to intensify. But that does not mean you can't call your authorized Volkswagen Service Center at any other time of the year.

Fresh air. Safe journey.

Poor air will make you feel tired and drowsy - and that can be dangerous when you're sitting at the wheel. In the course of the air condition's service life, its function may be impaired for example by dust, insects and pollen.

A clean interior filter is especially important for a healthy atmosphere in the car and ensures:

  • Better filter effect for pollen, dust, microorganisms and soot
  • Better visibility due to the windscreen being less susceptible to misting over
  • Better protection against irritation of the eyes and the respiratory tract
  • Better concentration, even on longer journeys

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